Launch Advice From Torresen Marine Specialists

We posed the following question to various Torresen Marine specialists and have  listed their answers below.

If you had one piece of advice to give to our customers before launching their boat for the spring, what would it be?

“Inspect all your thru-hulls. Make sure they are still tightly bonded to the hull and that wood backing plates don’t appear to be rotting. Make sure all valves open and close properly. It gets much more difficult to repair these problems when they are discovered during the launching process. More times than not  leaky and broken thru-hulls could of been detected if they had been  inspected ahead of time.” Brian Torresen – Service Manager and captain of the Custom Melges 32 “Peerless”

“Make sure the rig is in tune and the shrouds and turnbuckles are properly pinned.” John Schumacher – Rigger

“Plan ahead to be certain what work needs to be done and assess if you have enough time before your launch date.” Kathleen Long – President

“Address known problems that have an impact on your launch, especially if you will need assistance from the service team.” Tom Anthony – Ships Store Associate & captain of the J35 “Shearwater”

“Make sure the lights are in working order.” Melissa Avery – Shipping & Receiving

“Check to see if all of the necessities are on board such as docklines and life jackets. Also check fuel levels and batteries.” Troy Liebing – Service Writer

“Plan ahead.” Rhonda Temple – Ships Store Associate

“Check the thru-hulls, everything about them. Don’t forget to get out the sunscreen!” Laura Krehn – Ships Store Associate and captain of the Mason 53 “Ariel”.

“Be sure the batteries are charged and dock lines and fenders ready.” Brian Lackie – Service Coordinator

“Be ready at your appointed launch time if you are going to be present. If not, be sure the  boat is ready.” Eric Humphrey – Yard Manager

“Be sure the fuel valve and raw water intake are open.” Jeff Senf – Mechanic

Above all, we all ask you to have a safe boating season and ENJOY!